02 BMW K1200LT Trunk

This trunk has a rip in the padding and minor scrapes on the top lid portion.This trunk is in great usable condition despite the damages. There is a key included.

02 Bmw K1200lt Engine Motor Transmission Long Block

This Engine is out of a 2002 BMW K1200LT had 60,869 miles on it. The motorcycle was tested and ran through all the gears.. We tested for compression and had the following results; Cylinder #1, 240 psi; Cylinder #2, 200 psi; Cylinder #3, 250 psi, Cylinder #4, 240 psi. . . . There is video of this engine/motorcycle prior to being stripped, below. Please view this video to see and hear this engine. The video is towards the end of this listing. Scroll down.

02 Bmw K1200lt Exhaust Muffler Set

This item is in good condition for having 60,869 miles on it. Muffler cover is a bit dis-colored and weathered as is the rest of the pipes. Includes the exhaust sensor and wiring. See Photos.

02 Bmw K1200lt Left Side Cooling Fan Damaged (OEM)

This item is in good condition This part has some Damage, check pictures for further detail and explanation. – Otherwise this part has normal wear and still appears to be usable for someone. – Please be sure to read all info and check all pictures for a further visual description and more details. – Item is as shown……Thank You. –