00 Honda Valkyrie 1500 Gl1500cf Engine Motor Transmission Long Block

A compression test shows that held 165 psi in cylinders (1),(4)and held 170psi in cylinders (2),(3) cylinder (5) held 175 PSI and cylinder (60 held 160 PSI.This item has a pitted and dented timing covcer. Check out the video and photos. – – THIS IS A LONG BLOCK REPLACEMENT ENGINE, Without accessories or covers, stator/clutch AS SHOWN.. – – Shipping Price shown is to pallet and ship this engine via truck freight to the nearest terminal to you…. – If you would like this Engine shipped to your house or other place of business, Please email us for information on how to get a quote…his Part was removed from a 2000 Honda Valkyrie Interstate GL1500CF with 69924 Miles… All parts are sold AS IS, AS SHOWN….This bike was in a bad front end accident that made it so the bike was unable to be test ridden , however the engine started right up and held a steady idle parts are sold as is